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Vactor Truck Services

The vactor system is perfect for clearing storm lines, catch basins and sewer lines or for challenging trenching projects. Travers Plumbing combines our specialized vacuum/hydro jet equipment and our highly trained, experienced operators to service residential, commercial, contractor and municipal vactor needs.

Catch Basin Service: Over time, catch basins collect sediment and debris that needs to be cleared. Using our vactor equipment, Travers Plumbing ensures your catch basin works properly: we provide regular cleaning and maintenance, removing debris and disposing of it properly through waste treatment facilities.

Hydro Excavation Service: The Hydrovac is a safe, precise and non-destructive alternative to conventional backhoes for excavation and trenching. Using water and vacuum technology, we'll quickly blast through dirt and rocks to expose pipeline, utility, and electrical systems while we open the ground up for work. When you're working around buried utility lines, hydro excavation is the safe, clean and efficient way to dig.
Vactor truck services:
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Sewer line video inspection
  • Pipe cleaning to over 72" diameter culverts
  • Catch basin services
  • Storm water vault cleaning
  • High pressure sewer jetting and cleaning